AiFin aim to be the world’s leading provider of automated financial data management.

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AiFin will disrupt and transform the accounting and financial industry by addressing limitations of existing software in the market.

We can automate compliance work that no one else can, saving hours of repetitive work enabling you to focus on more value added services for clients.

We can consolidate and automate financial data, empowering AI to create a diverse range of business and advisory opportunities.

Why aifin

AiFin is for
Intelligent Accounting


This is a new era of accounting efficiency, redefining intelligence and automation not available elsewhere.

Features AiCounting Other Software
ATO BAS and STP2 compliant:
We are ATO approved and compliant BAS and STP2 solution provider for accountants and businesses.
A fully integrated platform:
Holistically manage your clients’ bookkeeping without the need to switch to another view.
Integrated email function:
Automate your client email communications and follow-up for your compliance workflows, with our auto-filled data and ready-to-use email templates.
Dynamic entity grouping:
Group your client entities dynamically and work with their data groupings instantly and on-demand.
Consolidated reports in one click:
Consolidate and generate your clients’ accounting and financial reports with a single click, benefiting tremendously for business with multiple branches.
Automated GST reconciliation:
Automate GST reconciliation by transforming your BAS and ATO transactions to data-ready formats, by-passing all data preparation workflows.
Semi-automated tax planning:
Conduct tax planning for related entities effortlessly without need to manually extract financial data, align entities, and calculate taxes.

Not just another accounting software product.

At AiFin we are constantly enhancing our existing features, introducing new ones and refining user experiences. We aim to continually deliver unique value to you and your clients that set us apart and enhance your business.

We exist to add value and build revenue streams across business consulting. And to achieve a vision that disrupts the accounting and financial industry and reshapes the future.

At AiFin, we facilitate this evolution through four key stages:



Organize your upstream data into an AI-enabled data framework from the outset to tap into its full potential.



Hands-off manual tasks across your workflows to free up your time and focus for high-value activities.



Obtain valuable data insights for informed and predictive business performance and decision-making.



Translate insights into creating or gaining access to high-value services that support your business growth.

At AiFin our values are at the core of our culture

While our vision articulates our future aspirations our values offer a set of guidelines on the behaviours and mindsets needed to achieve that vision. Therefore all AiFin people have embraced these values:



We operate with high levels of trust and transparency with ourselves and our clients.

grow together

Grow Together

We provide opportunities for our staff and clients to grow and develop both personally and professionally.



We treat everyone with respect, inclusion and openness.

fun & innovative

Fun & Innovative

We engage and create with a sense of adventure and daring.

customer centric

Customer Centric

We put our customers at the centre of everything we do.

The Team

Line-up behind an experienced team that is focused on
building a true business partnership with you.

Craig Hunt

A graduate from Harvard University, Craig has over 40 years of experience in banking & finance, including over 20 years in international markets. He currently runs a venture capital company which he started in 2001.

George Zhang
Founder & Chief Financial Officer

George has more than 20 years of banking experience in both Australia & China. His roles include Chief Risk Officer & General Manager. He has experience setting up county banks & an internet digital finance company from scratch.

Joyce Bai
Chief Executive Officer

Joyce is an experienced IT consultant who has worked in both consulting and banking industries. She was instrumental in automating end-to-end process testing for a prominent company in Australia. Her aspiration is to transform the accounting industry towards more intelligent financial services.

Mark Lee
Chief Technology Officer

Mark has over 15 years of business architecture and process architecture experience with specialization in Lean Six Sigma & Design Thinking practices. He has successfully led many innovative transformation and digital banking projects including the setting up of a digital bank in Southeast Asia.

Karranne Bale
Head of People & Culture

With over 20 years of experience, Karranne is an accomplished people development specialist. She is highly experienced in leadership development, executive coaching, cross-cultural relationships at the workplace & nurturing leaders for the future.

Rob Dow
Head of Marketing

With a long career in advertising & marketing, Rob has won many prestigious awards including Gold Lion at Cannes. He is highly acclaimed for strategies & commercials that halved road toll for the Transport Accident Commission.